Hi. I'm Ellen Schiller, the artist behind Hey Blue handmade. My work is an aesthetic expression woven from my highest values; making, nurturing, love, joy, peace, adventure, and inspiration. I intentionally consider how the work will provide enjoyment to others through both look and feel. Built over twenty-five years, my toolbox is full of creative handwork skills, from pattern drafting and clothing construction to oil painting, knitting, and textile dyeing (and out of necessity, industrial sewing machine repair), that give voice to my deep creative drive. I design and construct pieces with a modern, natural aesthetic that reflect a desire to feel grounded and serene, inspired by the wild colors and textures of the New England coast, where I live with my family and our dog, Goldberg.

The name Hey Blue is an ode to the iconic Joni Mitchell and her masterpiece 1971 album, Blue.